Служба содействия трудоустройству Экономического факультета МГУЦентр карьеры МГИМО

Halcyon Global Opportunities is an investment manager that has an extremely strong industry expertise and in-house research dedicated to certain sectors and regions. Our funds specialise in the power, infrastructure, global metals & mining and agriculture industries. Regionally, we focus on opportunities in Russia and other emerging markets.

Founded in the beginning of 2003 (previous name is SPRING) we currently manage and advise on more than $500 million of investments. The extraordinary success of the Halcyon Power Investment Company, Halcyon's flagship investment vehicle launched in February 2004, led to the creation of further funds, investment vehicles and operational companies. Since that time the funds under management of Halcyon achieved extraordinary success and became one of the best performing funds in the world among our peer group.

Halcyon is a different kind of investment management company, very specialised in our sectors and always looking for creative solutions to complicated scenarios. We continuously look for talented, creative, and motivated people from all over the globe with an interest in Russia and the sectors of our specialisation.